The Cremo Story

What does ABBA and Pelle P has to do with glass fibre boats from Varberg? The answer is, they are all parts of Cremo’s long history!

Bernt Sallén, engineer in Monark’s bicycle factory in Varberg, goes to the World Fair in Milan and returns back home with the idea of creating boats out of plastic. The family who owns Monark says yes!

With Masonite plugs and centimetre thick layers of laminate, the first boat of Crescent/Monark is born – a three-meter-long Dinghy.

Bernt Sallén contacts Lloyd’s in London, a classing society that has studied glass fibre boats and created a framework for safety classing. The new boat Monarita 14, filled with sandbags, were released from 2 meters of height. The gentlemen from Lloyd’s were impressed and gives their approval. Safety became a signum for the boats.

The Crescent/Monark Camping boat becomes a success and very popular during the years from 1962 to 1966.

Monark’s engineer Harry Becker starts a collaboration with the designer Pelle Pettersson, Pelle P, and new boat models with a fresh look were designed.

The record boat Crescent 42 is produced in 20 000 units between 1968 and 2007.

Crescent/Monark starts to produce boats in Poland. ABBA joins as investors for a while.

1986 marks the year when the Crescent/Monark boat business sector is sold to a former director, Hans Magnusson, and the company CREMO is created.

Secure, safe boats approved by a classing society was and still are the foundation of CREMO’s filosofy.

In 2006 CREMO’s very own new, modern factory is ready to start producing boats at an even larger capacity than before.

CREMO gets two new owners and the journey continues where it all started. Varberg!


The Crescent profile changes into the new name CREMO Boats. Same trustworthy boats, but a new brand!

It’s been a whooping 65 years since we started manufacturing boats in the basement of a bicycle factory. There have been a number of dinghies, pulpit models, sailboats and sloeps, with more to come. Together with our employees, dealers and, of course, our boat owners, we continue to create new memories!