Where memories are created


Fill your life with memories. Together. Explore the cliffs, islets, and bays.

Try your fishing skills in new places. Dock in a harbor and enjoy the restaurant’s freshly caught shellfish. Cross the lake and have a picnic in the green grass. Cast anchor out in the bay and dive from the boat into the deep blue. Speed up and watch as your friends get up on the water skis. Memories are best when shared.

Craftmanship and added value

Each boat is a deftly made craft, based on our over sixty-year-old tradition of building Swedish-designed boats. Well devised and seaworthy constructions are our hallmark. Reliability is present in every boat model that has passed tough tests. The material is strong and maintenance-free fiberglass, which can withstand harsh weather, wind, and water for many years. It also provides a good resale value on the day you choose to switch to a newer model or a larger one. Most models have been designed by renowned boat designers such as Pelle P.