Cremo 465 R/SC

4,70 m
1,80 m
0,16 m
ca 235/245 kg
30 hk
579 kg

Stable and nimble cottage boat

CREMO 465 is available in two versions. The classic R with tiller, and the sportier SC with side pulpit and windshield. Regardless of which one you choose, the R or SC, you will have an affordable quality boat, enjoyed by both experienced fishermen and novice boat owners due to its excellent side stability and easily wielded hull. This is the small but big boat – our smallest motorboat in its measurements but with lots of space due to its design. In short, the perfect boat by the cabin.


  • Oars 9’/270 cm, oarlocks (R)
  • Side console, pulpit (SC)
  • Windscreen with non-corrosive frame (SC)
  • Set of steering cabels (SC)
  • Automatic electrical drain pump
  • Soft laminate on the front deck
  • Locking annulus, class 3


  • Soft laminate on benches
  • Console cover
  • Rail 170 cm
  • Harbour cover
  • Stern cover
  • Stern low/high